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    I have vision care through Kaiser and am considering getting Lasik done within the next year. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had Lasik done through Kaiser and what your experience was like.

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    Hi - I had Lasik done through Kaiser about three years ago.  I am thrilled with my results and really liked my doctor, he was in Walnut Creek. I looked at UC Berkeley and Dr. Scott Hyver, but was convinced to go with Kaiser as the machines they used were the most modern, using the newest technology. I was able to see my regular Kaiser eye doc for follow up visits and that made things really easy.  I LOVE not wearing glasses or contacts!

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    I had Lasik done at Kaiser about two and a half years ago. I opted to get Wavefront http://www.kplaservisioncorrection.com/wavefront.cfm

    The consult and all follow up appointments were at the Walnut Creek facility, but the actually surgery was at another location in the area. On surgery day I was SUPER nervous. More nervous than most patients, according to the front desk receptionist. Despite that, everything went very smoothly and I was literally back to work (seeing perfectly) the very next day. I had no pain or discomfort and healed well. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that is a candidate.

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July 2003

My health insurance is through Kaiser and am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an optometrist that I can go to at any of the nearby Kaiser locations (Oakland, Richmond, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton). thanks! Nichole

I recommend Darlene Fong at the Oakland Kaiser. She is a wonderful doc, she also teaches at UCB as well as her husband Bob Dister, and she is a close family friend. Just tell her the twins sent her! Sue
Kaiser patients can be seen at UC Berkeley's Optometry Clinic and the exam is much more thorough. Kaiser patients are seen on Mondays. When you call the Kaiser appointment desk, just tell them you would like your appointment to be at the Optometry Clinic at UC. If you prefer to go to Kaiser, I know Drs. Holcombe and Modlinski from Oakland are both good Optometrists. Barbara
I recommend Barbara Modlinski at Kaiser Oakland. She was very thorough during my last two examinations and I felt very comfortable with her. I have seen many optometrists over the years - at Kaiser and elsewhere - and Dr. Modlinski is by far and away the best eye doctor I have seen. Charlotte
Kaiser Oakland has a cooperative agreement with the UC Berkeley optometry clinic on campus. You need to call the Kaiser optometry number to make an appointment. I have used them twice and have had my (then) 10 and 7 year old sons seen. The exams are given by 2nd and 3rd year optometry students and they are supervised by a Kaiser Optometrist. I have found then to be very thorough and conscientious. My younger son has some autism related behaviour problems and they worked with that in a very caring way. The clerical staff also have better people skills than many of the standard Oakland staff.

On my second visit the examiner found a potential vascular problem on one retina and after consultation with the supervising optometrist I received an appointment with a Kaiser opthalmologist within one week! Luckily it turned out to be nothing of concern. For mycopayment I feel that I received the same level of care that I would have gotten from the ''Doc-in-a-box'' at Costco for 4 times the price who I used to see (and liked. He is a graduate of the UCB program as well. Check them out. A little lagniappe, parking is free. matheny

I really like my Kaiser Oakland optometrist Dr. Tong (I forget her first name). She's friendly, and she postponed doing the test where she had to dilate my eyes while I was breastfeeding (because of potential effect of the drug?) and then remembered to have me do it after I stopped. robin