Richard Kahn

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May 2009

Can anyone provide feedback on Dr. Richard Kahn? He is a plastic surgeon in Oakland. anon

I know Dr. Kahn from within my professional community. He is very experienced and kind plastic surgeon. I have a great amount of respect for him. I hope this helps. Local Plastic Surgeon
March 2008

I am seriously considering breast reduction surgery with Dr. Richard Kahn of Oakland. I'd be interested in hearing feedback from anyone who has had him as a doctor, especially for reduction surgery. I would also welcome anyone who has had a reduction and is willing to share their thoughts. How was the procedure? How was your recovery? Are you pleased with the results? Are you glad you did it? Anonymous

I used Dr. Kahn approximately 12 years ago. He is the one the doctors send their wives to for surgery. I was very happy with the facelift he did. His office staff and he are extremely helpful and very nice to deal with. Good luck. happy patient
March 2003

Re: Finished having kids, seriously considering breast reduction
I just had a breast lift yesterday! I am in fine form and my wonderful surgeon is Dr. Richard Kahn in Oakland. He has the most wonderful bedside manner(he even called me last night to check on me) has a great rapport with the surgical staff (The Surgery Center) and doesn't let his ego get in the way of his work. I am also a doctor and I didn't tell him until after the intial consult so I could be sure he would explain things in an easy to understand way, and he did. Also, he was voted the best plastic surgeon in the East Bay by Diablo magazine.I completely agree with them! Call him before you do anything. I forgot to give Dr. Richard Kahn's number; 510 451 5700
-happy with my new boobies and the artist who created them