Jonathan Hollander, MD


3000 Colby St., Suite 203 Berkeley, Ca

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March 2010

Re: Doctor in Berkeley Area?
My DH is happy w/old school, down-to-earth, no nonsense, ''Marcus Welby-esque'' Dr. Jonathan Hollander, 3000 Colby St., #203, Berkeley, 94705 /(510) 849-2636. For more info, type in his last name here: --anon

June 2009

Re: General practitioner for husband
My DH likes Dr. Jonathan Hollander @ Alta Bates. He's kind of old school, looks at the Big Picture, tries to see how a symptom(s) might fit in the grand scheme of a person's overall health, etc. Down-to-earth guy, not a flake. Use the Alta Bates Dr. Finder for more (which ins, etc.) about him; his contact info: Dr. Jonathan A. Hollander, 3000 Colby St, (Rm.203) Berkeley, 94705 / (510) 849-2636 --Hubby's a Happy Hollander patient