Stephen Hart, MD


2999 Regent Street, Suite 622 Berkeley, California 94705

Archived Q&A and Reviews

October 2005

Anyone heard anything about Dr. Stephen Hart in Berkeley? We're looking for a primary care physician for my husband, and can't find anything on this guy. Would very much appreciate any word on him and his office! mel

Dr. Hart has been my physician for almost 10 years and has been just wonderful. My husband nows sees him and has been happy, though, a friend I also referred to him wasn't. I've seen him for many routine issues as well as more complicated ones (like chronic insomnia) and he has always been extremely conscientious, thorough, and very thoughtful. He is happy to give detailed explanations and really answer all of your questions (and seems to be on top of current information). There have been times when he has given me up to 30 minutes of his undivided attention at an appointment and has encouraged me to call him at home or email him if concerns or problems arise. My friend who didn't have such a good experience said she had to wait an hour twice to see him and that he didn't respond to an email she sent. I'm not sure what happened there but he does like to talk (and hence potential waits) and he did change his email at one point. Anyways, I think he is definitely worth trying.