Constance Gaulter

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2008 note: it appears that Constance Gaulter is now practicing in Grass Valley, CA.
May 2002

Has anyone had any experience with family practitioner Dr. Constance Gaulter, in Berkeley? Thanks!

Dr. Gaulter is my and my wife's doctor. I don't see her all that much, but I think she is quite good. Unfortunately she is hard to reach. It took over a month to schedule a full physical. On another occasion I was trying to get a prescription in a hurry (within 1/2 day, just before a trip) and I had to give up because it was taking them too long to return my calls. Please contact me if you would like more info. L
My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Gautler's for about nine months now. I have been really impressed with her. She's proactive, direct, pleasant, pragmatic and efficient. She always seems very busy but also very practiced at excluding the distractions and focusing in on the person in front of her. I feel so comfortable with her that I am tempted to move my child to her care as well.

So I recommend Dr. Gautler very highly, but here's the rub: her Berkeley front office is poorly run. I don't mind the waiting and the inefficient processing so much, but I have been very disappointed by the advice nurse. My husband and I have dealt with the nurse on two separate occasions, and both encounters were dismal. My husband finally had to just go to the office to get care. I had to make three phone calls and wait a week to get action on a referral. I have not tried the Lafayette office. Perhaps that's better. I also have not seen any of the other physicians in the practice. Good luck, Dana

I recommend Constance Gaulter without any reservation. She has been my primary care physician for over a year now and I have always found her to be propmt and professional. Her office is very busy so sometimes the receptionists, assistants can make you feel rushed. Dr. Gaulter was very through with my physical and she even spent a lot of time during my breast exam (even though she is not my OBGYN) because she told me that she likes to be very through. She seems to put a great deal into her practice. I understand that she had worked in the Peace Core and overseas as a doctor. Good luck! Stephanie
I switched to Dr. Gaulter recently and have found her to be warm, responsive, and a much better listener than my previous doctor. Michelle
Dr. Gaulter has been my family practitioner for two years, caring for both me and my daughter, now 21 months old. Lucy and I both like her enormously. Her manner is quiet, confident, and above all (rare in doctors) ATTENTIVE - she listens before she speaks, and her recommendations have been commonsensical and straightforward. She tends to avoid medication - and worry - whenever possible, while always being conscientous and thorough in her examinations and follow-ups. I recommend her highly, but I must say a word about the family practice group where I have been seeing her. (She has a private practice as well) Alta Bates Medical Associates are a fine group of doctors, but in my experience their administration leaves something to be desired. Broken equipment doesn't get fixed quickly enough; their system for phone consultation is convoluted and frustrating; the staff have given me misinformation on insurance matters, and senior people, who might be able to clear up administrative snafus, have failed to return calls. I think Dr. G is worth it, but you may not. Good luck. Liz H.