Eugenia Pat Gary, MD (Lafayette, CA)

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March 2010

FYI Dr Gary is no longer in Berkeley, she is in Lafayette.

March 2006

Re: Primary Care and Family Practices
i LOVE Eugenia 'Pat' Gary, and i don't think you could ask for a better PCP. she talks to you and listens (which can make her run late, so the 1st appt of morning or afternoon is recommended). she is compassionate and reasonable, and has truly worked with me to create a whole life apporach to some of my concerns. she was awesome when my husband had a stroke last winter and needed emergency surgery. and her office staff is nice. she only see patients in lafayette, but i consider the drive worth it. julia

March 2005

Re: Female Primary Care Physican Needed
I am in Health net HMO and just switch to Dr. E. Pat Gary. She was recommended by a friend of mine who is a doc and my ob. I just had the first appointment with her and loved her.

March 2004

Can anyone recommend a great PCP in Oakland or Berkeley that accepts HealthNet Elect insurance? I would like someone that uses Alta Bates if possible. shopping for a doctor

Dr. Gary is with Alta Bates (office at 2850 Telegraph, phone 883.9883), and she accepts Health Net. As a PCP, she's great -- very friendly and patient. However, the office is a nightmare. If you can put up with waiting forever to get an appointment and some seeming confusion around the office, she's wonderful. I believe she also has an office around Lafayette. Still waiting for my appointment.