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July 2003

We have recently been referred to an Occupational Therapist, Gail Gordon, for an evaluation of sensory issues for my daughter. Has anyone had any experience with this O/T. I checked the website but I could not find any listings. Worried Mom

We have seen Gail Gordon for the same purposes. She is quite good, very positive, generous with her knowledge, gives helpful infomation and works well with children. She should be an asset to your child's experience. anon

Gail Gordon was my son's OT for two years-she worked with him on his fine motor skills. She's very good. My son enjoyed working with her; she gave him interesting exercises to perform at home and was encouraging of his progress. When we needed her help in getting his school to agree to accommodations(e.g., computer-assisted homework and additional time for writing assignments) she was very supportive and negotiated with the district special ed folks on our behalf. Yvette

My son worked with Gail for about 18 months when he was in k/1. She's very good, very patient and gives the child lots of positive reinforcement. She worked with my son on handwriting largely, and it's still horrific, her work helped a fair amount.

April 1999

Re: recommendations for Occupational Therapists
My six year old is working with Gail Gordon, an OTR in Orinda. We live in Oakland and find that it's actually a pretty quick commute. She's been very effective, and she's made her work with my son fun, which is important. My sons issues are with handwriting, and it's improved enormously. She can be reached at (925)258-9935. Another OT that was suggested was Ellen Gordon who is in Oakland, but was very very difficult to connect with when I tried. Myriam (4/99)