Mona Ezzat, MD (Walnut Creek, CA)

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    1455 Montego Way #104 Walnut Creek

March 2005

Re: Primary Care Doctor in Walnut Creek or nearby
I like my primary care physician, Dr. Mona Ezzat, who practices on Montego in Walnut Creek, just a block or two from John Muir. She accepts Healthnet also.

I've been going to her for only a year or so, and thankfully haven't had any major health problems, but she is young, smart and capable. She is in practice with two other women. Suzanne

April 2004

Re: Primary care near Walnut Creek, preferably a woman
I have a woman doctor as my primary care physician in Walnut Creek over by John Muir Hospital. Her name is Dr. Mona Ezzat. I'll admit that I haven't seen her many times; I've been going to her for about a year, but I like her and feel confident in her ability. She is young, so if you like her, you can probably stay with her for a long time. Her number is 925-946-1711. suzanne