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    Feb 2008

    Re: Can anyone recommend a dentist
    I can recommend Pleasant Valley Dentistry, run by Sepand Hokmabadi. We've been going there for a couple of decades and have always been satisfied with their care. John K

    March 2007

    Re: Good Dentist?
    Pleasant Valley Dental (near the corner of Pleasant Valley and Piedmont Ave in Oakland). Dr. Leslie Johnson and staff have taken care of our family's teeth since our children were born (now 19 and 23) We have all had excellent care and gentle handling- our kids have never been afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Johnson recently retired and turned his practice over to Dr. Sepand Hokmabadi, who is continuing the the standard of care. wb

    March 2007

    Re: Need Recommendataion of Good Dentist & Hygentist
    I had the most painless experience getting two dental implants, and wanted to share my experience with Dr. Hokmabadi at Pleasant Valley Dental in Piedmont, Oakland. I give him 20 stars (out of 10!) In Japan about ten years ago, I had two crowns put in on my bottom left and right 1st molars. When I moved here for school, they fell off and since I didn't have dental insurance at the time, I didn't get them put back on and left them. The tooth under the crown cracked.

    I finally went to Dr. Hokmabadi when I did get dental insurance, I was referred to him by my friend who was raving about him, and decided to try him out, even though I live in San Francisco and the office is in Oakland.

    Because I basically had no tooth left since it had all cracked off before I went to Dr. Hokmabadi, I just got them both removed. That was my first experience with him, and I was very impressed with him then.

    Next, my wisdom tooth on the bottom started hurting, so I went back to get all four wisdom teeth taken out. Again, a great experience, at least the best I could imagine for getting four teeth pulled out. They all healed very fast.

    But my next experience was the most AMAZING! I went in a couple of months ago to get dental implants put in on my two bottom 1st molars where I had had the crowns before. Dr. Hokmabadi amazed me because not only did he do them relatively quickly, I had no pain. He took an x-ray of both of them after he had put the implant screws in and they were absolutely perfect. They were completely even with the surrounding teeth, and you could tell just by looking at the x-ray that he had done an amazing job.

    I was expecting pain the next day, but when I woke up, I did not feel a thing! I didn't even have to take the vicodin pain- killers that he had prescribed me! I was beyond impressed! I went shopping that day as if I had not gotten two major dental surgeries the day before!

    Not only is Dr. Hokmabadi meticulous and highly competent, he is also really nice and easy-going, which is so important when you're getting your teeth drilled! You can really benefit from a dentist who is able to put you at ease. His whole staff is also very friendly and knowledgeable, and the office did not give me a stuffy and cold atmosphere that most dental offices give off.

    I highly recommend Pleasant Valley Dental and also recommend Dr. Hokmabadi for your children! Jennifer