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Where can I get a good cleaning, inexpensively?

Jan 2003

Does anyone know of a place where I can get a really thorough teeth cleaning for not a ton of money? I don't have dental insurance and I don't have any problems with my teeth, so I don't need X-rays and a full exam. I already called the one dental hygienist listed in the phone book in Oakland, and they charge $89. That seems a little steep to me. Any other ideas? Maybe a dental school nearby? Thanks! Brooke

i was concerned when you said that you don't need x-rays or an exam because you don't have problems. as with any medical condition, early detection is the key to long-term health. by the time you felt a problem, it would too late. when i was non-insured, i went to the dental hygiene school at DVC in pleasant hill for my exam and cleaning. the students seemed very competent and an instructor oversees the work. suzie
I've heard that Diablo Valley College (in Pleasant Hill (?)) is always looking for patients for their dental hygienist school. Be prepared to spend several hours there, as a lot of supervision and checking goes on. Cecile cecematt [at] aol.com
UC Berkeley used to have a dental clinic, but it no longer exists. UCSF does have one though I don't know the details. julie
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