A People-Oriented Dental Practice

San Francisco

Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2006

Re: Seriously dentist phobic
A People Oriented Dental Practice in San Francisco (near Mount Zion hospital on Geary and Post) specializes in treating people very gently. I think any dentist-phobic person would be well treated there. They can be reached at (415) 775-3368

Re: Affordable cosmetic dentistry (Aug 2005)
I recently had veneers on my front four teeth, including building one of them out to make it the same size as the others. My dentist, Dr. Ostwald at a People Oriented Dental Practice in SF, did a fantastic job. He charged me $1200 total--the amount was different for each tooth depending on the amount of work he needed to do (some were $650, some were $400, some were $250). He spent a lot of time matching the color exactly, right down to matching the shading on my other teeth. I'm so pleased with the results--I can't recommend him highly enough. His phone is 415.775.3368 and the office is on Divisadero & Post, across from Mt. Zion hospital. cathy