Randall Wiley, DDS


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Aug 2006

Re: Pediatric Dentist for 4 year old
I can recommend Dr. Randall Wiley, DDS in Danville. He is a magician when it comes to working with kids and our neighbor who is also a pediatric DDS says he's a good guy. We've used him for 2 years and both my kids (now ages 3 & 5)love going to the dentist. He is on El Cerro Blvd in Danville adjacent to the freeway entrance. 925-837-8218. Dr. Ozzie Jafarina (female) in his office seems really nice too. My eldest had to have a tooth removed last week and it was a non event (very good experience). The whole office is very kid oriented, tv's in ceilings, disney prints on walls, toys/aquarium/play area in waiting room, prizes after you're done, etc... Nancy