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    Dentists reviewed: Dwayne Spenser

    Feb 2008

    Re: Lamorinda Dentists
    Hi - I live in Moraga also and for the last 15 years have taken my kids to Walnut Creek Pediatric Dentistry, located right near Brodway Plaza in Walnut Creek. 925-937-7000 I've switched insurance 4 times and they've always been covered. hope that helps

    August 2006

    I am looking for more more current feedback on pediatric dentist, Duane Spencer at Walnut Creek Pediatric Denistry. The last review in the archives is over 2 years old. Can anyone give me their experience here with a child that is somewhat leary of the dentist? Thanks! anon

    My son, now 8, has been seeing Dr. Spencer since he started going to the dentist. He always has a positive experience there. The dental hygienists do most of the work, and Dr. Spencer comes in after the cleaning to check for cavities. My son watches a video while sitting in the dental chair. He gets lots of nice ''prizes'' before he leaves. The waiting area is decorated with Snoopy stuff and there are little chairs that look like teeth! Dr. Spencer is very nice and his staff is too. You get a report card on your child's dental health when Dr. Spencer comes out to the waiting room to talk to you. Parents are asked to wait in the waiting room, but I went with my son the first time he had his teeth cleaned. All in all, I have nothing but positives to say about Dr. Spencer's practice. Good luck! Yvonne

    October 2004

    Can anyone recommend a good pediatric dentist in Walnut Creek or Pleasant Hill areas? If you know if they take Delta Dental that's helpful too! Much thanks!

    Dr. Duane Spencer in Walnut Creek is great. Snoopy decorated office and staff is very nice. We did not care for Dr. Harmon's office in Pleasant Hill (another well known pediatric dental office). Anon

    I use Dr. Duane Spencer in Walnut Creek. My child loves going to the dentist, so I can't think of a better recommendation. Anon

    June 2000

    Has anyone had expereince with pediodontist Dwayne Spencer of Walnut Creek? He's not in the UCB Parents listings. He has been recommended by our regular dentist for multiple fillings & pulpotomies (baby version of root canal). Katsura in Berkeley was also mentioned -- I've read the recommendations for him, but I'm not that keen on the dental-office-as-video-parlor scene. Letitia

    Dwayne Spenser and Karen Fong are our kids' regular dentists. They have have a kid-friendly environment (they too show videos at times, but I've never felt the kids are bombarded -- just distracted, which is good). It is a quiet and calm place, with very friendly assistants. My four-year old recently had her two front teeth pulled following an accident, and they referred her to Runyon (that isn't the correct spelling) and ?? (sorry for the memory lapse), who was also good. Mary