Betty Vodzak, DDS


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April 2009

Re: Dentist for fearful 11-year-old
Betty Vodzak in Lafayette has a very sympathetic office and is very warm, competent herself (takes Delta). I am a dental phobic and have felt as much at ease in her chairs as I will ever be. Best of luck to all. Anon

Dec 2002

RE: seeking dentist in Walnut Creek/Lamorinda
Dr. Betty Vodzak! phone: 925-283-5454. She's the best. For years I came from Berkeley to see her. claudia

March 2002

RE: Dentists for the Fearful
I have a great dentist for fearful patients--Dr. Betty Vodzak in Lafayette (925-283-5454). The first time I went to her she explained that the reason that I was fearful is because previous dentists really had inflicted pain! She said that for a variety of reasons, people experience pain differently. Now, after years of anxiety, I have pain-free dentistry and am no longer fearful. I also have a very anxious child and began taking her to Dr. Vodzak, too. After years of hysterics at a well known pediatric dentist, my child now goes quite willingly.