Bruce Tran, DDS

Berkeley, CA
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Nov 2006

Re: I am looking for a good dentist in Oakland
My dentist, Dr. Bruce Tran, is actually in Berkeley on Telegraph near Ashby Whole Foods. I highly recommend him. I started seeing him when he was an instructor in the UC Dentistry program when they had a clinic in Cowell Hospital on the Berkeley Campus in 1990 or so. I later switched to a big office for insurance reasons where i'd see someone different each time, and where the quality of care seemed so much less. I realized that i was crazy to do so and switched back to Dr. Tran even though he wasn't covered by my insurance at that time. I think that he's very careful, skilled, and thorough. He has an obvious love of dentristy and keeps up on all the recent advances, and he will take good care of you. He's at 2975 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, 510-849-2663