Finn Tonsberg, DDS

Alameda, CA
Archived Reviews: 

March 2011

Re: Dentist and hygienist for disabled adult son
Dr. Finn Tonsberg on Santa Clara Ave. in Alameda is an excellent dentist; has been our family dentist for over 20 years. He even does his own gold work. All his hygienists are women; I particularly like Meri who lives in Antioch or Pittsburg & is there on Fridays. Finn is patient, & has a very light & sure touch. My children all liked him a lot when they were small. He is also reasonable in fees, & takes most kinds of dental insurance. Easy street parking in pleasant Alameda neighborhood. lila

Feb 2009

Re: Can anyone recommend a PMI dentist??
We have been going to Finn Tonsberg in Alameda for about 25 years. He is excellent, has very, very good hands, is fairly priced, & very thorough. Our children (grown) all still go to him. We have had root canal, gold crowns (he does his own gold work & is fabulous), repairing of old fillings, & all the routine dental care one could imagine. He is probably the best dentist we have ever had. He is also a really nice person. He is on the Delta Dental plan; I don?t know what you mean by pmi. Happy Grandmother

Dec 2004

I recommend Dr. Tonsberg in Alameda on Santa Clara Ave. He is great and his office is well run. I especially like Deborah, one of the hygentists there. He takes Delta dentist. I believe he does pediatrics but I take my son (who is five now) to Dr. Perry down near Safeway in southshore shopping center. His practice is entirely for kids and the set up is pretty amazing and Dr. Perry is great. anon