James Stone, DDS

Oakland, CA
No longer in business
  • Editor Note: James Stone retired and his practice was taken over by Sherin Yuan

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2008

Re: Oakland Rockridge Dentist
I just posted under the Lamorinda Dentist inquiry, but I'll reaffirm my respect & adoration of my dentist, Dr. James Stone of Oakland (College Ave. near Broadway). He's gentle, softspoken, thoughtful, respectful of the patient as a participant in the decision-making process, and a decent human being. He's part of a dental study group that gets together and keep each other informed of new techniques/research in dentistry. I think he's wonderful. Christina

June 1999

Dr. James Stone is a wonderful dentist. I first saw Dr. Stone after a difficult experience with a dentist in Lafayette, and I've been so happy with him. He treats his patients with respect, explains treatment options and wants your input on what course of action to take, and is very gentle and unhurried. His staff are wonderful, too. Pat, the office manager, is the model of efficiency and organization, and still has time for friendly conversation. Dana, his assistant, is also very sweet, friendly, and professional. There is a good rapport between Dr. Stone and his staff, too; they treat each other with respect and seem to get along well. I couldn't ask for a better dentist.

Dr. Stone's office is located in Oakland, on College Avenue almost at Broadway. It's easily accessible by bus from campus. His number is in the phone book.