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Jan 2010

Re: Gentle dentist for fearful adult
For adults, I love Dr. Thomas Smithers in Berkeley. His hygienist will talk your ear off and is not as gentle as the dentist but you can request a cleaning with the dentist himself (or just get a Tuesday appointment - the hygienist's day off).

March 2010

Re: Good dentist who accepts Delta Dental
I highly recommend Dr Thomas Smithers - 2300 Durant Ave, Berkeley. (510) 843-2902. My husband and I started going to him this year and we have found him to be very kind and gentle. We're on Delta Dental. We've always hated going to the dentist and are therefore in the same position as you with not wanting to be evaluated, judged, or chastised! GOOD LUCK!

May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
I absolutely LOVE my dentist, Thomas Smithers, at 2300 Durant in Berkeley. He is gentle and kind and his office is very relaxing. I also get a big kick out of his hygienist, whose name escapes me at this moment. His office staff is excellent. I have never had anything less than a wonderful experience at this office. I don't know what you mean by accepting Delta Dental, though. I have Delta Dental and I go there; it pays for the majority of the cost of a cleaning (70%?) but not all of it. I have very good teeth and haven't had so much as a filling since I was 12 (I'm 41), so I can't say much about anything other than getting cleanings. I will say that I had another dentist in SF try to push all kinds of crazy, expensive procedures on me, which led me to switch to Dr. Smithers over 10 years ago for a second opinion. Dr. Smithers never pushes anything unnecessary. I recently asked for bleach trays and he said, ''Are you sure? I'm not sure if you need them.'' He turned down my money! I hope I never have to go to another dentist! Dr. Smithers' #1 Fan

May 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist in Berkeley Oakland area
My dentist is Thomas Smithers at 2300 Durant Ave., Berkeley (510-843-2902). It's the white brick building. He's upstairs (turn to the right at the top of the stairs--his office is on the left). He's gentle, good natured, kind-hearted and seems thorough. Bay Area Consumers Checkbook rates him 100%, the highest rating. He was recommended by my previous dentist, who retired a few years ago. Camille