Preet Sahota, DDS


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March 2013

Re: Pediatric Dentist with Conservative Approach
Dr. Preet Sahota of Smile Matters in Fremont is a certified holistic dentist. She believes good nutrition is the key to healthy teeth and recommends eating apples to get rid of plaque. (she can tell by looking at your teeth if you have a healthy diet.). Our appointments are spaced out with plenty of time, no rushing. For little kids, no xrays and she is extremely patient and takes her time and prioritizes trust-building over examining. We visited 2 times before (hers then my appt) before my daughter would consent to have her teeth looked at. Her 4th visit my kid consented to have her teeth counted and examined thoroughly, no cleaning just yet, but then she didn't have much plaque. My daughter calls her aunty Preet. When I was in Oakland I went to a highly recommended pediatric dentist in uptown whose method was if they're crying, then their mouth is open for business. Love my dentist!