Arsalan Rangchi, DDS


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Oct 2011

Re: A trustworthy dentist who accepts Delta Care HMO
I really like my dentist, who takes Delta and has his office on Gilman Street in Berkeley, near Albany. His name is Arsalan Rangchi (524-3025). He is gentle, thorough, and very skillful. Linda

Sept 2010

We have Delta Dental PPO and need to choose a dentist. I'd be grateful for any feedback on the dentists I've listed below (who are covered by our plan) ...

I love my dentist, Arsalan Rangchi. He is gentle yet thorough, doesn't give me guilt for my occasional lapses in good dental judgment, and does good work. He had to put a crown on a tooth that sits at a very odd angle way in the back of my mouth, and the patience he exhibited was amazing. He is very careful to avoid causing pain or discomfort, and he has a good office staff. Linda

I just read a positive recommendation for Dr. Rangchi and had to respond. A few years ago Dr. Rangchi was my dentist and told me that my rootcanal molar was cracking and that I needed an almost $800 gold cap. I came back, he numbed me up and, out of curiousity, I asked to see the cracks, since they were so visible before. Dr. Rangchi couldn't find any. So, I changed dentists.

Jan 2010

Re: Gentle dentist for fearful adult
My dentist, Arsalan Rangchi, is extremely gentle and soft-spoken, articulate about treatment, and effective. He does teeth-cleaning for his patients, and makes efforts to use the least upsetting, most effective technology and technique. He doesn't do guilt-tripping, either (if you didn't drink tea, you wouldn't have those stains, yada yada yada). I used to avoid the dentist for the guilt and the discomfort, but with Dr. Rangchi I am perfectly comfortable. He takes insurance (mine is Delta Dental). His office is on Gilman Street in Berkeley, near the Whole Foods store: 524-3025. satisfied patient

August 2009

Re: Dentist for someone is is very anxious
My dentist, Dr. Rengchi on Gilman Street near Santa Fe, is a kind and gentle doctor. He has had lots of patience with me and my various problems with teeth, and he has a soft voice, gentle hands, etc. He takes Delta Dental. no longer dentist-phobic