Katherine Quist, DDS

Berkeley, CA

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Feb 2012

Re: Conservative Berkeley Dentist to Repair Filling
I recommend Dr. Catherine Quist. Her # 510-525-7521.She will only do work that needs to be done and she will do it so skillfully you will never need to have it done again.She keeps up with all of the latest materials, and has a pleasant way and tiny hands. I have been seeing her for 20 years and everyone I know who sees her would never go to anyone else. orchardann

Jan 1998

Now my daughter goes to Dr. Katherine Quist on the Alameda in Berkeley. Dr. Quist is my dentist. I've been going to her for about ten years and, I think she's a wonderful dentist. She's not a pediatric dentist, however, and will not take children until they are at least six years old. My daughter recently had two cavities filled by Dr. Quist. Dr. Quist gave her novocain. My daughter didn't seem to feel much pain either from the shot or the filling, but she was bored as it took a long time to complete the filling. (She got a resin filling.) Janet