Noushin Pirnazar, DDS


Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2010

Re: Dentist for nighttime mouthguard replacement
Dr. Noushin Pirnazar, on Piedmont Ave, is an excellent dentist. I also use a nighttime mouth guard and got mine from her. I've had it a few years, and it's still in great shape. I think it cost around $350.

March 2010

Re: Good dentist who accepts Delta Dental
Dr. Noushin Pirnazar is fabulous. The office is located at 4185 Piedmont Ave Oakland, CA 94611-5109 - (510) 428-2003. I left my previous dentist because I didn't like the service, the office decor, the wait (there was always a long wait), and the overall atmosphere. In contrast, Dr. Pirnazar's office is clean, well-stocked with current magazines, and I am seen on time. The staff is fabulous-courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. They have portable cd players to use while getting work done. I highly recommend Dr. Pirnazar's office.


Here's one more recommendation for dentists. Caroline Peterson and Noushin Pirnazar at 5277 College (nr. Broadway), Oakland; 654-1911. They are my dentists and I decided to take my 2 1/2 year old there for her first check up. Both are young (40-ish) women with young and teenage children of their own. It went very well and my daughter felt comfortable. (They provide stickers and toothbrushes!) Stefanie