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June 2004

Re: Dentist for a Root Canal
I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Irene Yeh of Pinole Endodontics, 964-0215. She did a root canal on one of my lateral incisors when I was 7 months pregnant--I also had a crown on this tooth. It was not a problem to do the procedure when I was pregnant--she uses a very low radiation digital X- ray (less radiation than with film) and the pictures come up immediately on a computer screen next to the dental chair. (You still wear the lead apron during the X-rays). She was extremely competent, explained the procedure ahead of time with diagrams on paper, gave me an honest disclaimer that the crown might be damaged during the root canal (luckily, it wasn't), and was very sensitive to the fact that I was pregnant and stressed out by having to have this surgery! The procedure itself was not painful, worked on the first try, and I felt I was in expert hands. Dr. Yeh has children herself so she understands what it's like to be pregnant! Good luck to you. Cheri