Son Pham, DDS

Pleasant Hill

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Feb 2008

Re: Delta dentist for crowns, bridge
Hello I am going through a lot with implants and crowns I need, in San Ramon and even the Dental School in the City will charge a total of $15,000 Yes! I did not add a zero by mistake. On the other hand I found this great Dentist in Pleasant Hill, CA. Dr. Son Pham, they have a special of an implant and a crown for $2,000 I happen to need three, what a difference don't you think, also I asked him about changing crowns on my front teeth, if a recall well he said under $700 each????? but something around that, the consultation is free, no like Dental School in SFO (they send me a bill for $285.00 only for consultation, no x-rays or anything else, only because a talk to a MD) Anyways, don't know if Dr. Pham is on the Delta Plan, but..... wont hurt if you call, and on the other hand if you were already paying so much and getting back so little....... maybe your best call will be to pay out of your pocket all together and don't go through the hustle, is just! my opinion, hope this helps somehow. Good Luck Susana