Caroline Peterson, DDS


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Oct 2011

Re: Anyone have a great dentist?
I LOVE my dentist, Caroline Peterson. I have endless amounts of dental work in my life, and while I hate it, I love her. She is smart, grounded, super comptetent. I hope she never retires because I know I will be needing dental work my whole life!

March 2010

Re: Good dentist who accepts Delta Dental
I love Caroline Peterson on Colledge Ave, she does general dentistry, and if she can't work on your bridge she can refer you to someone. I had an implant done through her, and have Delta Dental. I have also heard great things about the other dentists in her office. Happy dental patient

May 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist in Berkeley Oakland area
Our family dentist is Caroline Peterson on College Ave (654- 2226). Can't say enough great things about her. She is professional, seems to always have the latest technology and is up to date on trends in the industry. Perhaps the best of all was one Sunday afternoon my 11 year old had a skateboarding accident and began bleeding quite a bit from his front tooth. We called her office and they relayed our message to her. She promptly called us back and asked us to meet her at her office right away. Only later did we discover that she had been at an Oakland A's game at the time. And my son's front tooth turned out fine. BTW - she takes delta dental. Donna

I love my dentist (and I've seeen her a lot, since I have a lot of dental issues). Her name is Caroline Peterson, 654-2226, is in Rockridge. She is conservative and thorough and very wonderful. I totally trust her.

Nov 2006

Re: I am looking for a good dentist in Oakland
I love my dentist, Caroline Peterson at 5277 College Ave (right near B'way). She can be very booked up though.A friend of mine saw Melinda Chan in the same office, and loves her also. It is a very friendly office- they take Delta Dental. Lisa

May 2005

Re: Highly skilled Dentist
Caroline Petersen (Peterson?) in Oakland (at the top of College Ave, right by CCA) is the most amazing dentist, who not only is super up on new technology but also has a great ''chair-side'' mannor. She's sometimes hard to get into as a new patient but if you ask to be put on the cancellation list, they'll call you when they get a cancellation, which usually happens pretty fast (you have to be flexible on time though for that.) She is FANTASTIC and if you're having problems PLEASE go see her. Her office number is (510) 654 2226. -happy with my teeth


Here's one more recommendation for dentists. Caroline Peterson and Noushin Pirnazar at 5277 College (nr. Broadway), Oakland; 654-1911. They are my dentists and I decided to take my 2 1/2 year old there for her first check up. Both are young (40-ish) women with young and teenage children of their own. It went very well and my daughter felt comfortable. (They provide stickers and toothbrushes!) Stefanie

I've gone to Caroline Peterson for the last 15 yrs or so; my son since his first visit at age four or five. Great office, mostly female . . gentle, non intimidating. There is another woman dentist there part time, a Dr. Penazar (sp). Dr. Peterson is at 5277 College (near College of Arts and Crafts). Phone # 654-2226. Karen