Vibhuti Patel, DDS


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    Oct 2011

    Re: I am terrified of dentists
    Dear Miss Terrified,

    May I recommend my son's dentist who is a general dentist and so skilled and smart and sweet and gentle. She is in Lafayette, and her name is Vibhuti Patel, DDS. (925) 284-7021. She also has glowing reviews on Yelp.

    Once I thought my son had a cavity, and she assessed that he did not and further did not feel that he warranted x-rays. Another time we thought he had traumatized the tooth and maybe damaged it, and she again assessed that he did not. She also refused to charge us when it was such a brief appt., something she did not have to do. She is not inclined to do unnecessary x- raying, which has become de rigeur in the dental community, which impressed me.

    I have my own very fine dentist, but he is not cuddly, by any means. Dr. Patel is cuddly and so competent.

    I have two dear friends who are train wrecks about going to the dentist. Both need sedation just for cleanings, and they reported that she was wonderful.

    Best of luck to you.