Richard Olesen, DDS

Berkeley, CA

Archived Q&A and Reviews

I have been seeing a wonderful dentist, Richard Olesen, for several years now as well as several co-workers of mine. He is located at 2430 Webster Street, next to Alta Bates. I really feel strongly that he has been the best dentist I have ever seen and I have a long history of dental work going back to childhood (including skin grafting). He spends time educating and explaining, and presents the pros and cons of specific treatments. Phone # 843-4550. Melissa

From: Debby

I have a dentist to recommend if you are on Delta Dental. His name is Richard Olesen and his office is on Webster in Berkeley right across from the Alta Bates parking garage. Really nice, concientious guy, with friendly office staff and a really pleasant hygenist. Been going to him for twenty years. As the rest of my family moved out here they started going to him also. If it's something he can't handle, he's referred us to good people who can, as was the case with my daughter for a pediatric dentist and my brother for an oral surgeon. Plus there are a few free parking spaces behind the office where patients can park. Dr. Olesen's number is 843-4550.