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Jan 2010

I'm looking for a dentist for a root canal and routine care. I would prefer someone who doesn't keep you waiting and seems to care more about the patient than how many procedures he/she can sell you. Thanks! Ce

On New Year's eve this year I needed an emergency root canal and called the endodontics office that my regular dentist had recommended - Dr. William Craig Noblett. I got the dentist who was on call for that office (he happens to live in San Francisco,) and he kindly told me he'd come to Berkeley and open up the office for me. He was just wonderful. He worked very methodically and gently and explained each stage of the procedure carefully. He worked without an assistant and never once seemed uptight that he was working on New Year's eve. He also teaches at UCSF. I was just so grateful to not be in pain any more and to have stumbled into this talented and gracious guy. Five star recommendation. He is at #841-6357 at 2850 Telegraph. Elizabeth

Jan 2008

Re: Oral surgeon for 15-year-old with asthma and seizures
I can recommend Dr. W. Craig Noblett, D.D.S. who has done several root canals for me. He has an office on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, and his number is (510) 841-6357. Jim

June 2004

Re: Dentist for a Root Canal
I recently got a root canal and it was traumatic because it was my first but the dentist Dr. WC Noblett was great and took care to explain things to me and really did a good job with the novacaine (which never is a picnic). Anyway I highly recommend him and he is in S. Berkeley on Telegraph. Sorry I can't find his number. Good luck! jedevin