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San Leandro, CA
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Feb 2008

Re: East Bay Dentist Recommendations?
I recently tried a new dentist, and I LOVED the practice. I am very critical of dentists, having had experiences ranging from really good to almost traumatic. That said, this was by far the best practice I've ever, ever been to. There are two dentists who are partners there; I saw Dr. Jason Chen (and at the moment I can't recall the other guy's name!). He's relatively young, funny, easy-going, and seems really competent. I think he went to Stanford for dental school. He just seemed super attentive and explained everything thoroughly. Plus, the whole practice was really, really nice--warm and lovely, and all state-of-the art (including digital x-rays, rather than the regular high radiation ones), you could watch tv, a dvd, or a screen shot of what was going on in your mouth while they work. I just had regular work done, but it sounds like they do a lot of cosmetic work, too. And, the hygenist who cleaned my teeth was GREAT. Best cleaning I've ever had, and it didn't hurt. As is obvious, I can't say enough about this place. It's in San Leandro. I live in Berkeley, and it was well, well worth the 15-20 minute ride from here. Dr. Jason Chen 510.483.2164 smiling!

Feb 2008

Re: East bay dentist for invisalign, veneer
I recently started seeing Dr. Jason Chen in San Leandro, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to recommend him. I have to say, I don't have invisalign, but I know they do it. I've had other work done, though, and I am very comfortable recommending him based on his competence, professionalism, etc., etc. The whole practice is SPECTACULAR!!! No exaggeration, everything about it is the best I've ever seen or experienced. The office is gorgeous and comfortable, everyone on staff is genuinely friendly and very competent, and they have the most high-tech equipment I've ever seen. All digital x-rays and it looks like other equipment I've never seen before. You can see what's going on from the monitor above your chair if you want or you can watch TV or a dvd. He doesn't push any potentially unnecessary procedures or products like a lot of dentists seem to. His approach is a little more on the conservative side, which I appreciate, though he says he's committed to working with! patients' needs and wants. I know they do a lot of high-end cosmetic work there, in addition to the regular dental stuff, but they don't push it on folks who don't ask for it. Dr. Chen mentioned once in conversation that he happens to find it the particularly ''fun part'' of his dental work. Also, no waiting when you get there.

For what it's worth, I truly am not one to recommend *anything* very highly... but there's a first for everything! Their website is It's out in San Leandro, but 100% worth the 20 minute commute from here in Berkeley, in my opinion. anon