Edward Matsuishi

El Cerrito, CA
No longer in business

(Jan 2016) Dr. Matsuishi has retired and sold the practice to a new dentist in the same office- Dr. Nicholas Ching.


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Oct 2010

Re: Pediatric Dentist in El Cerrito area

I can't say enough about Dr. Ed Matsuishi in El Cerrito. And we switched to him from what I believe is the same or a similar North Berkeley dental practice as the one you are describing. Dr. Ed is extremely knowledgable and spends plenty of time with my children and with me. My children both have unusual teeth problems, and one has had significant work, and I am completely confident that they are well-cared for by Dr. Ed. The office staff are so friendly and efficient. And best of all, my children just love going to the dentist. Liz O.

My son love, Love, LOVES Dr. Edward Matsuishi, DDS in EC. I would have loved to go to the dentist if I had a dentist like Dr. Ed. My 2.5 year old had a dental emergency and we took him to Dr. Ed and have been going ever since. My son willingly opened his mouth for an oral exam and X-rays. (I can't get that cooperation at home). Dr. Ed has multiple assistants to help engage your child and keep him entertained while you and Dr. Ed have a thorough discussion of what is going on in your childs mouth. The entire office is child friendly. Train tables, toy boxes, taking an x-ray on a saddle, TV's and headsets in the dentist chair. We didn't have dental insurance until my son turned 3 and his first few visits didn't break the bank. Also a discount for cash payments. What I wouldn't give for a dentist like that at my age. Happy with the Kids Teeth Doctor. Dr. Edward Matsuishi, DDS 510-524-4633 www.kidsteethdoctor.com Marcy

May 2010

Re: Dentist for 2.5 year old
Having horrible, scary dentist experiences growing up, I wanted to be sure my kids didn't have the same experience. They see Dr. Edward Matsuishi in El Cerrito and love going. Appointments are easy to come by. There is never a long wait (which is actually a shame because my kids like playing with the toys and games). Kids are seen in an open room with 3 cots and a tv above each cot so the place is very cozy. Everyone is very friendly and we've never had any billing problems. It's a wonderful office! More importantly, we really trust Dr. Matsuishi. Linda

March 2010

Re: Looking for a dentist in Albany for a 3 year old
We love our pediatric dentist in El Cerrito, Dr. Ed Matsuishi. The office is so great and full of everything to make a dentist visit fun for kids. Check out their website: kidsteethdoctor.com anon

May 2009

Both our children and we have been very happy with Dr. Edward Matsuishi on Stockton in El Cerrito. They only handle children. The exam area is open and takes 4 kids at a time, laying down, watching cartoons on a tv above them. There are toys and video games to play with while they are waiting. And we use Delta Dental. kl

Nov 2008

Re: Dentist for Autistic Child
You should contact Dr. Ed Matsuishi in El Cerrito. I don't know if he has any specific experience with autistic children, but he is a FANTASTIC pediatric dentist. He, his staff, and his office are so well-suited to children who are or may be fearful/difficult in a dentist's office (like my son, who has needed EXTENSIVE work on his teeth). The waiting room has a great train table, and while the children are in the exam chairs, they can watch TV and listen to it on head phones. Liz O.

August 2008

Re: El Cerrito dentist
Dr. Matsuishi is a great dentist for the children, he comes to our daycare ones a year bringing puppets a tooth fairy and plenty of toothbrushes for the kids and lots of information for the parents and children about dental hygiene. many of the children in my daycare and my sisters daycare go to Dr. Matsuishi and also my neighbor worked for him and he has great things to say about Dr. Matsuishi http://kidsteethdoctor.com/index.htm rebeca

May 2006

Re: Pediatric dentist with TV
Hello, My 5 y/o daughter goes to Matsuishi and she opens wide and watches the T.V..My daughter has some particular dental problems and has never complianed of pain and she all ways tunes in to the cartoons. Good luck. Cherene