Corazon Manaloto, DDS


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Nov 2002

Re: Family dentist in Alameda
I highly recommend Dr. Corazon Manaloto. She took over the practice of my retiring dentist and has really modernized the practice. My mom, brother, husband, three-year-old daughter and I all go to her. She is not a ''pediatric'' dentist, per se. However, she is incredibly kind and gentle and gave my daughter a filling without any of the horrible sedation I hear about, or, believe it or not, any novacaine! My daughter came out all smiles! (Don't be alarmed, the cavity wasn't very deep, therefore, no need for novacaine.) I have Delta Dental and have never had to pay a dime, not copay, not anything. She is at 2215 Santa Clara and the phone is 521.0420. Jennifer