Michael Young, DDS

Albany, CA
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Dec 2011

Re: New to the area - Looking for a Dentist
Try Dr. Michael Young in Albany, on Solano off of San Pablo. My wife and I have been seeing him for dentistry for years and now we take our kids too. He does his own cleaning, he has always worked with us for making the most of whatever insurance we have at the time. No unnecessary x-rays, etc. And he has slender fingers - this means alot if you've ever been seen by a fat-fingered dentist! Jim

March 2009

Re: Looking for a dentist in Berkeley
I would most highly recommend Dr. Michael Young at 1055 Solano Ave. Albany. He's the best dentist I've seen in 58 years of living! Kind and steady hands, also he always asks for your feedback and tells you exactly what proceedure he is doing. Great person. Aviano

Dr. Michael Young is a very gentle, nice dentist who takes UnitedHealthcare Dental (and does the paperwork for you.) I've been happy with him. Albany Family Dentistry: Young Michael P DDS 1055 Solano Ave Albany, CA 94706 (510) 527-9396

Nov 2008

Re: Looking for a pediatric dentist
My dentist is a 'family dentist' rather than a pediatic dentist, but my children have always gone to him. He is very good w/children (he has 2 young children) and my children have absolutely no fear of the dentist. Also, neither have ever had a dental x-ray (they are now 8 and 6). He agrees with me that x-rays are totally unnecessary for young children. I have recommended him to several friends/co-workers and everyone has been happy with him. Contact info: Dr. Michael Young 1055 Solano Ave. 510.527.9396
happy w/my dentist

March 2006

I can wholeheartedly recommend my dentist, Dr. Michael Young. He is a 'family dentist', and is very good with children, although not specifically a pediatric dentist. My whole family (mom, dad, 5 yr old, 3 yr old) all go to him. Not only is he a good dentist, he takes most insurance, and his prices are very reasonable. Contact info: Young, Michael P DDS - Albany Family Dentistry Address: 1055 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706 Phone: (510) 527-9396
happy dental patient

May 2004

Re: dentist in Berkeley from HMO list
My dentist is Michael Young (On Solano in Albany). My whole family has been going to him for years. He is a wonderful dentist- very gentle. Everyone in the office is friendly. I look forward to my visits every 6 months! Heather

Re: dentist in Berkeley from HMO list
We have nothing but good things to say about Michael Young. My wife and I have going to him for 4-5 years, and we are switching our older daughter to Dr. Young next time around. He is conscientious and respectful of our particular concerns; he doesn't try to push X-rays and procedures if we're reluctant to do so. Highly recommended. Greg

Nov 2002

We've been using Dr. Michael Young on Solano for 4 years. He is very gentle and listens well to concerns. His staff members are all very nice too. Although his office is called a family dentistry office, he told me to wait till my kids were 7 or 8 to bring them. Not because he couldn't work on them, but because the office looks like any other adult's dentist office. (No toys or anything.)It might be a little scary. I'd recommend Ed Matsuishi in El Cerrito for your little one. He seems a little pricier than other pediatric dentists, but he's great with the kids. It's a very relaxed atmosphere. My kids, ages 3 and 6 have absolutely no fears about going to the dentist. Denise


Hello, I just recently went to Dr. Michael Young based on the recommendations. He is absolutely wonderful! I have a big fear of dentists and have only been twice in the last 10 years because of this fear. I am now confident that I will continue regular visits to Dr. Young. He is gentle and very sensitive to the patient's needs. I had one cavity and he was extremely attentive to my comfort level and stopped whenever I needed him to. He took his time and I never felt rushed! Good Luck! -Rachel

Christy (3/00)
Michael Young, DDS is my dentist and I highly recommend him!

My husband and I have both seen Michael Young DDS on Solano Ave. and were very pleased. Michael Young is very professional and friendly. His office is small but seems to be highly knowledgeable regarding insurance matters. I had not seen the dentist for ten years when I went to see him. To my surprise (and his) I had no cavities or other major problems with my teeth. He did an extensive deep cleaning which took a couple sessions -he was very patient and showed concerned about any pain I might be experiencing during the procedure. He numbed the areas in the front that were particularily sensitive. I was really impressed with the amount of concern he showed me. My husband who hates dentists and doctors and has very bad teeth really liked Dr.Young's demeanor which I think says something. He does not do root canals. So if you need that kind of work done he'll need to refer you out to someone else.

Katherine (3/00)
I'm a patient of Dr. Young from when he was a member of another practice,and followed him to his new practice because he is very kind, gentle in his work, very concerned with whether I am comfortable or hurting, and he has always responded to emergencies, (like a broken tooth with an exposed nerve on a weekend) by managing to see me right away. He's not really set up for little kids, my daughter goes to a pediatric dentist because she was too fearful of his adult sized equipment. But that's her. Not all kids are so afraid of the chair. I'd recommend him. He's gotten me onto a regular routine of prevention which is pretty good considering my own fear/avoidance of dentistry.