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Nov 2010

Re: Delta Dental Pediatric Dentists?
i'd like to recommend our oakland-based dentist, dr. kenneth louie, who does not get as many props as other pediatric dentists. he's not just a pediatric dentist - he's a family dentist. he's incredibly gentle and never recommends unnecessary treatments. in fact, he's so practical that he recommends gold crowns - who does that?? (obviously, not for front teeth, unless you really don't care.) he never overtreats and is always conservative.

he gives the most gentle shots. okay, we had a disasterous first-time visit with my then-1-year-old child (mainly just to get her comfortable), but dr louie was able to clean and scrape my kid's teeth a year later when she was 2 without any problems!! she now goes regularly every 6 months and demands that we go to dr louie all the time. he's so gentle that once i briefly fell asleep during a root canal... he cleans teeth himself, and my teeth feel like glass after a visit.

his office is just him and his office manager judy who is so sweet. it's not in the best location, nor is the office fancy - no digital x-raying here. but they're very punctual. both he and judy are easy-going, calm people - the office is never chaotic. check him out at: 401 29th St, #106 (between Summit St & Mcclure St) Oakland, CA 94609 (510) 444-7277
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Feb 2009

Re: Alameda dentist - Seeking recommendation
The Best Dentist ever! I have recommended him to many good friends, who still use his services, is Dr. Kenneth Louie 510-444-7277 his office is on 401 29th off Broadway in Oakland. We drive all the way from Albany/EC area . He has been gentle with my kids since they were little. We still go to him our kids are teens now. Sharyl