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Oct 2010

Re: Dentist in Downtown Oakland
Ernie Lavorini is wonderful. I have been going to him and also worked with his oral surgeon and have always had a great experience, which is saying a lot. I loathe the dentist & did not go for many, many years. I have recommended his office to 5 people so far & all have continued to go there. My husband wound up seeing Gloria Fong, who is also apart of the practice, and he really likes her. I have Delta, so I know they take it. His staff is very friendly too! 510-444-4334 363 15th Street Oakland, CA 94612

May 2010

Re: Dentist Recommendation - Oakland Berkeley area
Try Dr Ernie Lavorini He's in downtown Oakland and I've traveled to him even when I moved away because he's just That Great!!!! 510 444-4334 363 15th Street Oakland. funny guy, great dentist, very professional staff, takes most insurance I assume. Sevgi

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist who will use nitrous oxide
Ernie Lavorini, D.D.S. in downtown Oakland. Great office and dentist, and ask YOU if you would like nitrous oxide (for an extra charge). Dental work without a care :-). At least till the nitrous wears off... KB

May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
He's in downtown Oakland, but we do LOVE him: Ernie Lavorini 510.444.4334

Nov 2006

Re: I am looking for a good dentist in Oakland
the best dentist ever. and i hate the dentist. i have gone to a dozen or more dentist in my days and i can honestly say this place rocks. a friend told me about him and now i will never go anywhere else again. try him out. you will not be disapointed. 363 15th Street Oakland, CA 94612 Between Webster and Franklin on 15th NEAR BART EXIT 12th Street. love my dentist

June 2006

Does anyone have recent experience with Dr. Ernie Lavorini? I checked the archives and there are only 2 reviews, the most recent one dated 2 years ago. I'm specifically looking for reviews on his veneer work. Thanks! Meg

My husband and I LOVE Ernie Lavorini. He was recommended by a coworker when we moved to Oakland seven years ago and it's been the best recommendation we've had here so far. His office has got the greatest, most professional yet relaxed staff. And, Ernie's a great dentist. I can't speak to his veneer abilities, but I've gotten crowns and the experience has always been as pleasant as can be and the work teriffic. Tell them Alison M. sent you!

July 2004

I can't recommend Ernie Lavorini highly enough. Downtown Oakland, 15th Street - 444-4334. Alison

Aug 1996

I just started with a new dentist who I really like. My friend who has a five year old daughter recommended him to me. He's located in downtown Oakland, 1700 Broadway, close to the BART. His name is Ernie Lavorini and the number is 444-4334. Sophie