Robert Lambing, DDS


Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2011

Re: Dentist and hygienist for disabled adult son
Dr. Lambing on Leimert Blvd. is very concerned about his patients comfort. It's a very high tech office and I recommend the staff without reservation. 482-5300 Lisa

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist who will use nitrous oxide
We moved to Oakland from NY in 2006, and JUST found a new dentist who gives nitrous, no problem! I went for a thorough cleaning, as did my dentist-phobic DH, and he is in the middle of replacing old (cracked) fillings - he's had no pain, plenty of nitrous, no fear to go back (thank goodness!) It's a family business, established by the late ''Pater Familias'' Robt. Sr, capably carried on by his kids. Call the lovely Trish at (510) 482-5300 for an appt. Lambing Dental Corp, 1443 Leimert Blvd. Oakland, 94602 --All Smiles Now