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March 2010

Re: Good dentist who accepts Delta Dental
Hi- I highly recommend Dr Mendoza at Kensington Dental. He is a wonderful dentist! cavity free mama

August 2009

Re: Dentist for someone is is very anxious
Dr. Mendoza is a wonderful, kind and gentle dentist located in Kensington. He was voted Best of the Bay Area and most definitely deserved it! Check out the website Natalie B

Nov 2007

Re: Lightening a gray tooth
My son had the same problem on his front tooth. We went to see Dr. Louie Mendoza in Kensington and he recommended external bleaching where bleach is applied to the outide of your teeth using a customized tray. Another option would be internal bleaching. This is a procedure where you drill a small hole on the tongue side of the tooth and place the bleach internally. We decided to go with more of the conservative approach which is the external bleaching option and if that didn't work, go with internal bleaching. He gave us a lot of useful information. He believes in saving as much tooth structure as possible. Give him a call, he's very thorough and very patient. Louie B. Mendoza, DDS or Kensington Dental Care (510) 526-8311 anon