Raymond Katz, DDS

Mill Valley, San Francisco

Archived Q&A and Reviews

From: Janis (5/98)

I highly recommend Dr. Raymond Katz. He is located at 1283 22nd Ave (between Irving and Lincoln). Both my 3 and 6 year old boys went to him when we lived in Daly City. He, his partner, and their whole staff are VERY child-friendly. They have a huge oversized bear and toothbrush that the kids get to practice brushing teeth with, a waiting room full of toys and books (lots on visiting dentists), and a wonderful way of getting kids to relax and stay put. I took both my kids when they turned 2. My youngest boy never sits still but he got through his check-up great. They do a first appointment in 2 parts (or at least they used to). The first visit is a get acquainted visit -- meet the dentist, a quick look in the mouth, learn about the tools (the teeth counter, Mr. Thirsty, etc.). Shortly after that, a second visit is scheduled and the complete exam takes place then. They have a treasure chest of inexpensive toys the children get to choose from at the end of the visit. Another great thing is that they never kept us waiting. A 5 minute wait in the waiting room is ave. Only downside is that parking is terrible so leave plenty of time to circle the block looking.

From: Wendy (5/98)

We also use Raymond Katz, and he is very amusing for the kids. He has 3 offices that I know of now: Sunset, Sacramento Street, and one in Sausalito.