Leslie Johnson, DDS

Oakland, CA
No longer in business

Dr. Johnson no longer practices in the Bay Area

Archived Reviews: 

1880 Pleasant Valley Road, Oakland 654-5752

March 2006

I have seen Dr. Leslie Johnson in Oakland for many years and highly recommend him for all dental care. I have Delta dental insurance, and don't know what other insurance he accepts. His address is 1880 Pleasant Valley Avenue (near Piedmont Avenue and the Safeway and Longs at 51st and Broadway), summergal

May 2004

I go to Dr. Leslie Johnson, have been for years, and I'm very pleased with the quality of care. The evening after my first visit he called me to discuss a treatment plan, he made a crown for me that fit like a tooth the first time it was inserted, and his staff are great. ramisima

July 2002

I am interested in the dentist Leslie Johnson on Pleasant Vally Rd in Oakland. There is one positive comment on the website from 1997. Can anyone else provide more recent feedback on him? Pleasant manner? Efficient staff? Up-to-date technology? Thanks very much. Peter

Les Johnson has been our dentist for over 25 years. My husband is an M.D. and worked at the same health care clinic with him some time before then.

He is kind, accessable to his patients, treats people with respect, takes time explaining things, and very responsive in emergencies.

I highly recommend him for adults and children.

I find his work precise and careful, and he is always open to discussing treatment options. He is also wonderful and patient with my very challenging, over-active 9 year old twin boys.

His office is bright and pleasant, his staff ( dental assistants and receptionists, etc) are very down to earth and friendly. You get a call several days in advance to remind you of your upcoming visit, and a postcard once a year to remind you of your general check-up and cleaning.

I am not sure what you mean by ''up-to-date technology.'' He doesn' t have digital x-rays, lazers, etc., at this point in time, if that's what you require.

I believe that his proceedures are state of the art. We've been very comfortable and confident his treatment. We are on a Delta Dental plan through my work, I know he accepts most P.P.O plans like Signa and Met-Life. Gale

I've been seeing Dr. Leslie Johnson at Pleasant Valley dental for 15 years or so, and I can recommend him and his staff very highly. Since I haven't been to other dentists recently I can't compare the technology, etc., but I have had very good care for my high-maintenance teeth with Dr. Johnson et al. They listen well, they're very pleasant, and the office end is very well managed. I haven't had any problems the whole time I've been there - and that includes both with my teeth and with my insurance! Nancy

I have been seeing either Leslie Johnson or the dentists in his practice for several years. He saw my mother on a same day emergency basis, charged areasonable fee and repaired her bridge or crown effectively. He fielded a call forwarded by his answering service at 6 am one sunday morning when my jaw locked in a tmj episode and insisted I call back if the self help measures he suggested failed. You do have to ask to see him, otherwise you tend to be assigned to the younger dentists in the practice. I find them to be competent. I'm always seen w/ in 5- 10 minutes of appointment time. They call to insure that you confirm your appointments. I have had no billing difficulties visa vis insurance and have had my carrier switched once or twice since I began w/ the practice. Jessica

I have been going to Dr. Johnson since I arrived in California in 1994. I think he is terrific (wonderful manner) and his staff is very efficient and he uses all the latest technology (as much as I can tell). One thing to note, my husband stopped going to Dr. Johnson ONLY because he couldn't stand his wife Carol who annoyed the heck out of him. She works the desk but frequently interrupts Dr. Johnson while he's working which seems to annoy him as well.

I've gone to Dr. Leslie Johnson for several years and he's the best dentist I've ever had. He's extremely conscientious - he called me in the evening after my first appointment to discuss my treatment plan. He does excellent work - he's done a couple of crowns for me and they fit perfectly the first time! His staff is very nice, and he is too, and he clearly cares deeply about doing quality work. I picked him out of the UCB recommendations! Rebecca

Nov 1997

I can recommend our dentist, Leslie Johnson, DDS, 654-5752, 1880 Pleasant Valley Road, Oakland. He's not a pediatric dentist but he's very good with children, and with adults. He takes Delta. John