Bergen James, DDS

San Francisco, CA

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May 2007

Re: MetLife Dental in-network dentists???
I LOVE my son's dentist, Bergen James. She's off California St. in SF, just down the road from CPMC: Bergen James, 1 Park Place, (415) 668-3500. Good luck! anon

May 2003

I highly recommend Dr. Bergen James. Her office is on Parker Street across from California Pacific Medical Center. We have taken our daughter to her since she was two years old and we live in Oakland. Dr. James is very outgoing and friendly. She has Nintendo set up in the waiting room and video monitors in each room. After your visit there is a treasure chest filled with different types of toys. Her dog is usually at the office. I'm allergic and have never had problems. Finally, her staff is also very friendly and kind. Sabrina