Gordon Hum, DDS


Archived Q&A and Reviews

From: Diane (5/99)

I have an excellent dentist which I've been going to since my early teens. Now, my husband goes to him and my 12 year old has been going to him for several years. I intent to bring my 2 year old to him as soon as he needs to see a dentist. His name is Gordon Hum and he's located at 6200 Huntington Ave Richmond, CA (510) 527-5300. It's just off San Pablo close to the El Cerrito Natural Grocery Store. I know it's not Albany, but it's very close. He's very gentle and kind and always gives the good and bad of things. For example, instead of just pulling out my wisedom teeth when they came out, he recommended not pulling it out unless I was in pain and just flossing them better. Many doctors recommend pulling them out because it's hard to clean your teeth back there. I've had many similar experiences like this for myself and my son with Dr. Hum. Also, his work really lasts. I've had fillings by him since I was 12 or 13 and they're still there and I don't have to worry about those teeth. I've had done by other doctors and they tend to fall out in a couple years (at most 5 years). Also, your mouth doesn't feel like he's pulling it 5 different directions all at the same time. The best thing is, even his assistant, Susie, has been with him as long as I have. He is Chinese and I think he might speak some Cantonese but I've never asked him...

I've always had horrible teeth during childhood (hated brushing my teeth as a child) and have been to many MANY different dentists. I found him the best of all!!