Ted Hochstein, DDS


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Oct 2011

Re: A trustworthy dentist who accepts Delta Care HMO
I love my dentist. He has a great manner and does a fabulous job. He also doesn't do or recommend more work than is absolutely necessary. I've been seeing him for about 15 years and have never once had a problem, and he has always been able to see me right away if a problem comes up. Ted Hochstein 3031 Telegraph Ave # 212 (510) 841-5801 His office is in the building right across from Whole Foods, at the corner of Telegraph and Webster.

Feb 2008

Re: Oakland Rockridge Dentist
I love Dr. Chan in Rockridge! She's near College Ave and Broadway. I've been going to her for over 5 years now. She's super gentle and sensitive to pain. Her number is (510) 654-2226. Good luck! Jen

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist who will use nitrous oxide
We positively love Ted Hochstein. He's honest, not an alarmist, easy going, funny, and my two friends who 'need' nitrous to get through the simplest things both love him. Best of luck.

May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
I love my dentist, Dr. Ted Hochstein. He is fantastic. His staff is great, too. He really discusses my options with me and lays everything out and lets me make the decisions. His office is at the corner of Telegraph and Webster, right across from Whole Foods in Berekeley. And, yes, he takes Delta, which I have. I've been seeing him for well over 10 years, maybe close to 15?? I have never been disappointed in a visit or a treatment.He has a great sense of humor too: dry, not too jokey, but it puts me at ease and I always enjoy talking to him. 3031 Telegraph Ave # 212 Berkeley, CA 94705 (510) 841-5801 Dr. Hochstein Fan

May 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist in Berkeley Oakland area
Love, love, love my dentist, Ted Hochstein. He is one block down from Ashby, across from Whole Foods. He is great about consulting with me and not pushing any treatments. He takes Delta, too. I've been seeing him for over 10 years now and have never been disappointed. My husband works for Delta Dental and tells me that many dentists don't give their patients good information about their options and many also push the procedures that have the biggest profit margin. According to my husband, Hochstein is very good about laying out the options, consequences, cost benefits, and so on. Hochstein Ted DDS 3031 Telegraph Ave # 212 Berkeley, CA (510) 841-5801

August 2006

Re: Holistic dentist who is also skilled
I can highly recommend my dentist: Ted Hochstein. I had some old childhood fillings replaced by him. He did a great job. You can choose what kind of fillings you want: amalgam (which you don't want), composite (plastic?)...I can't remember what the other options are, but he offers pretty much everything that's available. He's not holistic or cosmetic specifically--he's just a great dentist and will work with you to choose the kind of fillings you want. I've been going to his practice for 7 or 8 years and totally trust him. His phone number is 510-841-5801 and his office is on Telegraph, right across from Whole Foods. Good Luck