Glenn Hemanes, DDS


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March 2010

Re: Good dentist who accepts Delta Dental
Dr. Glenn Hemanes (510-886-5400) in Hayward on Main St. off of A is worth the drive from Alameda. He has been my dentist since I was a child. Our whole family goes to him. My son of 6 yrs. loves him also. He has had the same staff for years. His office is clean and neat. His wife works there and Midge the receptionist doesn't miss a beat. They are kind people, gentle and very professional. I have Delta Dental also. I am squimish about the dentist, but as soon as I finally schedule my appt. and am sitting in that chair, I really appreciate them and the good work the do. He is closed on Mondays and weekends, but is available for emergencies only otherwise. On a personal note, he and his wife are amazing photographers, and have their beautiful art very modestly displayed around the office. It is always nice to have conversations with them. They are creative people and they truly are delightful! Good Luck on your search! sara