Eri Hatta, DDS & Grant Tsuji, DDS

Alameda, CA

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Feb 2009

Re: Alameda dentist - Seeking recommendation
Dr. Grant Tsuji and Dr. Eri Hatta in Alameda are really great! My husband, daughter, and I go to them. Both are prompt, knowledgeable, and very nice. For some time, I had been taking my daughter to a pediatric dentist, and they seemed to go with procedures a bit prematurely. I decided to get a second opinion at the the office I go to, and she was seen by Dr. Tsuji who not only suggested another course of treatment but was able to calm my daughter (6-yr-old.)She immediately warmed up to him and didn't want to return to her former dentist. We like their gentle approaches and warm office staff. Judy