Timothy Han, DDS


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March 2009

Hi all, I'm desperate for a decent dentist that takes DeltaCare USA. These are the providers they list in the area. If you have any experience (neg. or pos.) with any of these providers, I would be extremely grateful!! (Unfortunately, DeltaCare USA is an 'individual' insurance plan and NOT the same as regular Delta insurance. So sending me your favorite dentist who takes Delta but isn't on this list will sadly not help. Sigh.) Thank you so much!!

I saw Dr. Timothy Han for many years and liked him. His office is slightly ... worn, shall we say; but he was very pleasant and thorough, and I trusted him. The staff in his office was also very nice. The last time I saw him was probably 5 years ago.

I would like to steer you AWAY from Dr. Timothy Han on 13th Street in Oakland. When I was his patient, I arrived for a prescheduled appointment, and was told the doctor was running late but would be there shortly. Apparently, he arrived straight from a business luncheon. More than an hour later, he did arrive, but my cleaning was very rushed. Dr. Han then poked and prodded my gums in an extremely painful way, and diagnosed me with ''pockets'' which would require a deep cleaning. The deep cleaning would have required 4 separate 45-minute appointments, and would not have been covered by my insurance. Needless to say, I sought out a second opinion, and was told my teeth and gums were in fine condition, and I haven't had any problems since. I never went back to Dr. Han, and I left feeling mistreated and manipulated. Once bitten, twice shy

Feb 2009

Re: Dentist Referral
Dr. Timothy Han has been my dentist for over 5 years. He has a great bedside manner and is knowledgeable about a lot of things. He has no problem referring me to a specialist when I needed one and saw me through a protracted dental implant situation. He is a great family dentist. Tora

Jan 2009

Has anybody had recent experience with dentist Timothy Han, 2170 Telegraph Ave, Oakland? Or if you can recommend a dentist that takes Health Net Dental HMO (now under contract with DBP-CA) that would be great, thanks. need dentist

We went to Dr. Han as he was the closest who took our limited insurance. He seems like an old fashion dentist with old looking equipment which is probably fine. My kids are not scared of dr.s at all but they were kind of put off by his brusque manners not suited for kids. So if that's an issue, I'd go elsewhere. Also office building has a generally shabby appearance. We now have a dentist in Orinda as we've changed plans and we love Dr. Russel. Its great to love your dentist. Christina