Shaya Hamid, DDS


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August 2009

Re: Dentist for someone is is very anxious
Hi Need Dental Care, Dr. Shaya Hamid is the dentist for you. She does take Delta Dental. She specializes in patients who are anxious about going to the dentist, and she really helps them feel comfortable. Since she does focus on helping anxious patients, she is not judgmental. She also can reduce the number of visits in certain cases. For example, if a patient needs a crown, she can do the procedure in one visit whereas, it's usually is two visits--one for the temporary crown and then another visit for the permanent crown. Give her a call and I'm sure you'll find her very calming. Another plus is that she is a certified green business. Her number is 510-444-8000. She is at 3300 Webster Street, Suite 602, Oakland. She has a website: Good Luck! rishida