Dennis Guest, DDS


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March 2013

Re: Pediatric Dentist with Conservative Approach
I recommend Dr. Dennis Guest. The choices he makes for his patients, young and old, are deeply considered and based on many years of experience as well as of a genuine love of teeth. His assistant, Angie, is unusually gifted in her work. I found him, for myself and for my son, after far too many years of looking. Do yourself a favor: And he loves children

Oct 2011

We use Dr. Dennis Guest in Oakland, as he is kind, funny, adept, and so reasonably priced (if you have no insurance like us) also he's cool about NO routine x-rays-- but you have to tell the desk that this is your policy. good luck. KZ

June 2008

Re: In search of a great dentist...
I have an excellent, wonderful dentist in Piedmont named Dr. Dennis Guest. His number is 510-654-6714. He has been in practice around 30 years, is extemely competent and talented, has a friendly and caring manner and is a wonderful person with such high integrity. He truly works hard to do great work and make his patients comfortable. He has a nice office on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, and it is easy to reach off the Hwy 24/51st Street MLK exit.

I could not recommend him highly enough - he takes great care of our family! Note: he cares for adults, inc seniors and children (pls double check this - my child is still a new born so I don't know yet)! am