Andrew Gee, DDS


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May 2010

Re: Pediatric dentist
When my adopted children arrived, I took them to a pediatric dental practice that was recommended by a friend who is a pediatrician. The place was very kid friendly as were its dentists and many hygienists. When one of the dentists recommended that we fill my daughter's molars because they had deep grooves, my pediatrician suggested I get a second opinion.

So I took my daughter to see my dentist, Dr. Andrew Gee. After he looked at her teeth, my kids played while he sat with us in the waiting room for about 20 minutes and talked to me about my daughter's teeth. I was very impressed by the amount of information he conveyed in contrast to my experiences with the pediatric practice. While we talked my kids constantly interrupted us so I was able to observe how he interacted with them. He's genuine and he's upbeat. Driving home I told my daughter that if she wanted to have Dr. Gee be her dentist she could, and she was thrilled. All the toys and decor in the pediatric practice meant less to her than having the 1:1 attention of Dr. Gee. A few weeks later my spouse saw Dr. Gee for cleaning and was very impressed as well. So our whole family now has the same dentist.

If you see Dr. Gee you won't find a fancy modern office, a hygienist, or even a receptionist. He does everything himself and he does it all with cheerful consideration and excellent care. He's a parent so you're likely to talk about kids while your there. Sometimes he answers the phone, but more often you need to leave a message when you call his office. His office is in Oakland on 29th & Summit, his phone number is 832-1022. Berkeley Parent