Kenneth Freeman, DDS

San Francisco, CA
Archived Reviews: 

Dec 2002

Kenneth Freeman is a great downtown SF dentist, on Market Street right by the Montgomery BART station. I've gone to him since around 1985. He's an excellent dentist (I never skimp on dentistry -- it has to be the best) and a nice person. His assistant (who is wonderful) has been there for years. Many of the people who work in his office stay for many years, and it's obvious that they like working there. The front desk people are super-organized, friendly, and helpful on the phone and in person. The only position that has a bit more turnover, oddly enough, is the hygienist (sp?) -- you know, the one who cleans your teeth. But the teeth-cleaners are always excellent. Dr. Freeman seems to love being a dentist and takes enormous pride in his work. (Great SF views from his offices on the 14th floor, too.) I don't have the office number on hand, but he's listed. --Dana

Dr. Kenneth Freeman is great! Very conscientious and friendly, he likes to keep up on the latest treatments but only if they are effective. (I think he likes the high tech toys, but doesn't squander time or money on them.) His staff is nice, and I've never waited long for my appointment. And he's at the corner of Market, 3rd and Kearney. Dr. Ken Freeman 690 Market 415.398.6344 -- Jenna