Bruce Fong, DDS


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April 2011

Re: Family dentist
Dr. Fong is in Rockridge next to the BART parking lot. The office ALWAYS has music playing--[is modern and superfriendly]. Bruce is on top of every patient's situation, is, straightforward, addresses any questions or concerns, is a great communicator, and has a good feel for people. He never pushes you to do work that is unnecessary. I look forward to seeing him each time! (It's also fun to shop in the area after an appt.) Rockridge Dental (Dr. Bruce Fong) 510-653-6677

Nov 2006

Does anyone take their kids to Dr. Bruce Fong at Rockridge Dental? I go to him and I love him, the hygienists, the cool music...and they say they will see 2 year olds, but is this really a good idea? I have not seen any little kids there although I have seen school-age ones. Any feedback on Dr. Fong for little kids? Fan of Fong for my fangs

I am a huge fan of Dr. Fong's as well and totally trust him as a dentist. However, having taken my son to the dentist every 6 months since he was about 18 months old, I strongly, strongly recommend you take him to a pediatric dentist. Not because Dr. Fon won't know about children's teeth, but rather pediatric dentists office are set up to be child friendly. When we had to take my son to a dentist for the first time because of a bad fall that affected his mouth, I called Dr. Fong and he recommened Dr. Perry in Alameda.

July 2004

Re: dentist near Rockridge
Check out Dr Bruce Fong at Rockridge Dental. I found him when I lived in Berkeley, and continued to commute to his office (upstairs from the market hall and Oliveto) even after I moved to SF. He and the hygenists in his office are incredibly gentle and friendly. CG

Nov 2002

I highly recommend Dr. Bruce Fong. His office is located above Market Hall in Rockridge, tel. # 510/653-6677. My husband has been going to him for around 10 years or so and I've been going for 4 years now. His staff is great and really seem to love him - everyone is always in an upbeat mood and joking around with each other. He is also very understanding about pain fears and has nitrous available and will even prescribe Valium if you feel you need it. He has a great touch and has fixed a lot of really bad butcher dental work I had done in the past. When I first went there the receptionist provided me with a list of the work he recommended I have done, along with the cost and how much my insurance would cover (which is always good to verify w/ your carrier). That way I could plan out what work I would have done when and postpone what wasn't as urgent.