Carla Dodge, DDS

Alameda, CA

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2004

Re: Female dentist for a fearful person
For the Oakland woman looking for a good dentist, I would like to recommend Carla Dodge, DDS, in Alameda, # 521-0588. I have never met a dentist who I thought so highly of. I found her to be extremely professional and kind and very thorough. Unlike other dentists I have had, she spends a lot of time during her examination and is gentle. I think she is someone you could be open with about your fear of dentists and she would do everything she could to make you comfortable. All of the staff are very professional and friendly as well. I haven't lived in Alameda in a few years, but I still make the drive just for this dentist. Best of luck.

Nov 2002

Re: Family dentist in Alameda
Carla Dodge is the Alameda dentist my boyfriend uses. He's happy with her. Betsy